Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Blue Day Cupcakes DISASTER!

I was planning to make an example for all of you of my Blue Day Cupcakes (Yellow with Blueberry Icing).
It was a complete disaster, which is unusual.
Here are 10 Reasons Why It All Went Wrong:
Leah was unable to be there because two of her children were sick.
I didn't have enough cupcake liners.
We usually use powdered sugar in our frosting, but we were out.
We had to make our own powdered sugar.
The frosting was more like pure liquid.
The cupcakes tasted like metal.(Which was HORRIBLE.)
My husband, who was trying to assist me, burnt the butter that was supposed to be 'softened'.
I had to use my church's RebelKids Kitchen. It was awful. No gas stove, the fridge was broken, and the sink was the smallest thing I've ever seen.
The cupcakes didn't bake evenly because one side of my pan was thicker than the other.
I wasted my time on cupcakes that are completely unsellable.

Oh and did I mention that I left my camera on the beach? Not in my condo, but ON the beach. So I had to photograph them with my computer, which was also pretty bad.

We'll try again after Christmas.

Meri V

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